Exhibitor Account Features


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you review your account for accuracy, as this information will be displayed on ShowManagement.com and also in the Show Programs.

You must Login to your Exhibitor Account to view or update your Company Information, add Boats, Products, Categories, see your Exhibition History, Contact History, download your Exhibitor Manual and to Change Your password

In order to login, go to the “FOR EXHIBITORS ONLY” section where you will be required to provide a login email address and a password. The login email will be the one that was submitted on your contract to us. Make sure you keep a record of your password as it is confidential and we can never see it.

if you lose your password you can use the “Forgot your password” feature. You will be required to provide the email address associated with the account. An email will be sent containing a special link that will allow you to log in and change your password.

If you are still unable to access your account and you would like us to RESET your password and email address, please call 954-764-7642.

The information that was submitted on the contract is used to set up your account and will be displayed in this section.  You may make changes to your exhibitor information that is displayed on the website. These changes will not affect your account Billing information. To make changes to your Account Billing details please email Trish at tlogiurato@showmanagement.com

This is a list of events that you have participated in. It currently displays events dating back to 2007.

ADD NEW BOATS: This allows you to add a detailed list of boats you plan on displaying at the event. You may only list as many boats as were assigned in your sales contract. If you try to list more than was assigned, you will receive a message that you have reached your limit. Please contact your sales representative if you have a problem with the number of slips allowed.

You may add the following  information to enhance your listing. When you add your info or add pictures it must be submitted to us for approval and before it is displayed on ShowManagement.com.
New  or Brokerage
Max. Speed:    
Cruising Speed:    

EDIT and DELETE BOATS: This allows you to edit or delete boats that were previously submitted, saved or approved.

COPY BOATS: You may copy boats listed from a previous event into the current show. The boat and all of its information and images will be associated to the new show. Please note that any changes made to the boat on either show will be reflected on the other.

Please do not add BOATS to the Products section. Only add related products and accessories.
You have the option to add, edit or delete products and descriptions, upload images and save or submit changes for approval. After they have been approved they will appear on the website.

To Add Product and Images
Enter your product name and description in the available fields. Please try to keep your description as short and concise as possible. We recommend keeping it under 100 characters long.

Image Upload Requirements
For your uploaded images to be displayed properly, images must be web ready (72.dpi), sized up to 500 pixels wide and saved in a JPEG format. If your images are not sized properly you run the risk of your picture looking distorted with the wrong height to width aspect ratio.

Selecting the IMAGE BROWSE button will enable the option to browse your computer and to select the images for upload.

You may add or remove categories of products and services that your company provides. You will have the option to select a new category from the drop down menu or to suggest a new category to be added. Category listing allows your company to show up in the Category Search Results on the website

This will display a list of email contacts made to your company by registered members using the MY SHOW PLANNER feature.

This links to your company’s Exhibitor Manual - this is where you will find important forms such as forms to order "Credentials", order electric service, forklift service, carpet, tables, chairs and most importantly this is where you will find out your exact set up and breakdown time