VIP Specials


The Windward VIP Club Experience at FLIBS offers the luxury of a private dining area, a premium open bar, gourmet food, and meet-and-greet opportunities. This climate-controlled sanctuary is the perfect platform to network, close business, or simply share the excitement of this international boating spectacular. Each VIP Club Experience package includes show entry, Windward VIP Club access and Water Taxi entry.

  • Central location near the super yachts and luxury auto displays
  • Located at the Swimming Hall of Fame show entrance and valet
  • Air-conditioned with multiple lounge areas to relax
  • Dedicated concierge to arrange appointments on board yachts directly with exhibitors
  • Private indoor bathrooms
  • Open bar and gourmet food


VIP Special Event

Bank of America
Luxury Law Group
Greater FTL Alliance
Florida Luxurious Properties
Gulfstream Yachts