Tom George Yacht Group to Display Hatteras GT63 at the Suncoast Boat Show

For more than 50 years, Hatteras has led the way in fiberglass sportfishing convertible design - and the 2014 line up only builds on that tradition. Still the best sea boats in the industry, the new GT Series delivers industry leading performance as well.

The Hatteras GT63 is a premium convertible designed to be superior to other boats in its class thanks to its elegant styling, fine seakeeping qualities, 40 + knot top-end speed, and the pedigree build that has made Hatteras the gold standard among yachtsmen around the globe.

The interior accommodations found in the GT63 are not only more spacious, but are designed with a level of sophistication not often found in a convertible. Larger window framing allows for better views, and beautifully combined wall coverings and exotic woods create a more open layout while continuing to provide a warm and luxurious environment.

The GT63 will receive as much attention offshore as it does at the dock thanks to its riveting performance.
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See the Hatteras 63 GT at the Suncoast Boat Show. 
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