Secure your Boat and Lift for Storm, Hurricane and Theft Conditions with Lockdown Protection

SwingStoppers LLC provides a unique, new line of products designed to quickly and easily secure your boat and lift for hurricane conditions and theft. These products, when used together, create an optimal solution for protecting your boat from getting damaged!

SwingstoppersSwingStoppers and StormStraps are designed to quickly and easily secure your lift and boat for storm force winds. LiftGuardian protects boats on boatlifts from theft with swiftly engaged, solid steel strength.

SwingStoppers LLC products provide:
  • Maximum Storm Protection for Hurricane preparations 

  • Simple Pre-Storm Lockdown

  • One person Lockdown operation

  • All parts stay permanently secured to your lift and out of your way for everyday boating.

  • Excellent for part-time residents who need to secure boats and lifts for an entire season.
SwingStoppers STOPS boat lifts from swinging during high winds and bad weather conditions like hurricanes!
Our SwingStoppers I-Beams and Piling Pads enable you to securely connect Bow to Stern Pilings with your lift’s cradles I-Beams.  All parts remain on the lift and ready for Hurricane preparedness, yet out of your way for everyday boating.

StormStraps HOLD your boat securely to your boat lift!
While SwingStoppers keep your boat lift from swinging, StormStraps finish off the job of securing your boat to your boat lift. These uniquely engineered tie-down points will hang on during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. StormStraps are designed to strap your boat down from within the boat or from the dock, creating a quick, effective method of securing your boat to the lift. What a great way to protect a boat from Hurricanes!

Remote locations have been experiencing a rash of boat thefts initiated by using bolt cutters to cut a stern cable of the boatlift. As the lift breaks, the boat slides off into the water. Our LiftGuardian adds protection to the lift cables by duplicating their function with 1 inch Stainless Steel strength. LiftGuardian is designed for simple speedy engagement.

Hurricane Wilma Tested and FEA (Structural Analysis) Approved! Computerized Structural Analysis shows Swing Stoppers can withstand Category 5 Hurricane conditions.

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