Innovative New CruiserBoard

CruiserBoard News
San Diego, CA, October 12, 2014 -- An all new category of paddlecraft has recently been launched by CruiserBoard Company of San Diego, CA.   The CruiserBoard is a hybrid-- a cross between a sit on top kayak and a standup paddleboard. The 11’6” paddlecraft is versatile, extremely comfortable and stable.  It is excellent for fishing, recreational paddling and as a yacht accessory.  The CruiserBoard Company will have several on display at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in space 4166 at the Convention Center.

This extraordinarily stable paddlecraft was created to accommodate an ergonomically designed chair that is mounted on tracks built into the deck.  The paddler can sit comfortably in the adjustable chair, or fold up the seat bottom, stand up and lean against the chair’s concave backrest.  The stability of the board is remarkable.  A person can stand with both feet on the side rail of the paddlecraft and the board will not turn over. The board paddles exceptionally well, whether you’re seated or standing and is well suited for all age groups and skill levels.

On yachts were space is a premium, the CruiserBoard will replace both the standup paddleboard and kayak while offering guests a versatile paddlecraft that all guests can enjoy, regardless of their skill level.  Due to the shape, the boards will sit flat on the deck and easily nest on top of each other so as to take minimum space.

Lake PaddlerThe CruiserBoard also makes for an excellent fishing platform that gives the angler the ability to sight cast and easily move around the deck of the paddlecraft.  Rod holders are built into the seat and, for fly fishermen, the deck is kept very clean so the line cannot get caught on the fittings.  For those wanting coolers and accessories, a wide variety of accessories can mount onto the seven foot CruiserTrack™ System that is built flush into the deck. 

Built in the USA by Bounce Composites in Oceanside, CA, both the CruiserBoard’s design and construction are patented. The well designed board is of high quality construction and very durable, performing very well in waters with rocky conditions.

Because CruiserBoard is a fresh and new idea, it has received considerable attention from the media including being used in TV shows and the subject of numerous articles.  Dealers are currently being established throughout the US.      
After a lengthy testing process, the CruiserBoard was made available to the public just last March.  Neal Esterly, a founding partner in CruiserBoard Company states: “We are very excited about this all new category of paddlecraft which fills a definite need. Because of its versatility it is really fun to be out on.” 

For additional information please visit the CruiserBoard website: , or call +1 619.299.1700.