New Product Uses Cell Phones to Monitor and Control Boats

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Pryor, Okla. --- Nov. 7, 2014     People look to their phones for everything, why not to monitor their boat. Boat Command Corp. created CONNECT! to do just that. CONNECT! gives boaters the freedom to monitor and control their boats remotely from their cell phone, tablet, or computer.

boat command newsMike Webster, CEO and co-founder of Boat Command, understands that boat owners can’t visit their boats as often as they might like. He wanted to create a product that would allow him and others to stay connected to their boats at all times. 

“People have been staying connected for years by using social networks and smart devices,” Webster says. “Now the technology is both available and affordable to connect boat owners to their boats.”

Boaters can monitor their boat’s GPS location, battery voltage, temperature, bilge pump activity, high water level, shore power, engine hours, and boat security. CONNECT! generates reports based on what the device is monitoring. Users can view this information via the mobile app or website. Sam Walker has been using CONNECT! on his 55 foot Sea Ray since early July. He explained CONNECT! has already given him peace of mind.

boat command news“My boat cover got messed up in the storm last week, and I had to leave my boat at a different marina over the weekend,” Walker said. “I loved being able check my CONNECT! app to make sure the other marina actually returned my boat when they said they would.”

In addition to monitoring, CONNECT! allows owners to remotely control certain features on their boats. This can be as simple as turning on the lights and refrigerators, or even the air conditioner a couple of hours before boarding the boat. However, owners can also use controls to disable their engine should there be a security breach.

CONNECT! also includes a social media aspect, which allows boaters to share their information with friends. The CONNECT! website and app has a map that not only shows the location of your boat, but also shows if your friends are on the water.  CONNECT! is putting the social back in boating.

There are only a handful of products similar to CONNECT! in the United States. Boat Command decided the best way to compete is through price and convenience.    

Other services use a cryptic text message service that is hard to use and understand while costing more than some boats. The CONNECT! device costs only $299 with a monthly service charge of $8.99. Using CONNECT! is easy with Boat Command’s free android and iphone apps or website.

Also unique to CONNECT! is its ability to monitor and control functions using only cell phone service. This feature allows boaters to use CONNECT! virtually anywhere because it does not require Wi-Fi.

CONNECT! is available at