Lauderdale Diver Launches New Water Cooled Technology for Air/Nitrox Compressor System To The Yachting Market

Lauderdale Diver Shop
Chrissy and Len Beck, the owners of Lauderdale Diver can now truly be proud of their Premier Dive Shop on 17th St (Fort Lauderdale, FL)  in the South Harbour Plaza. During a major refit in 2007 we installed a new compressor (soon to be water cooled), state of the art fill station, brand new classroom for training and instruction, new fixtures, custom cabinets and displays that house our diverse line of masks, fins, snorkels, BCD’s, regulators, computers, gauges and wetsuits. We also introduced many new product lines and are authorized dealers for Aqualung, Oceanic, Cressi, Tusa, Omer, Sealife, Akona, O’Neill, Bodyglove, AB Biller, Pelaj and many more. With the large cruise ship, tourist and local clientele that visit the shop annually we also  brought in Sunset swimwear, O’Neill clothing , Reef footwear, Costa Del Mar sunglasses and brand name resort wear at very competitive pricing.

Lauderdale Diver nitroxOur new website hosts our on-line store where customers can research all our different product lines and buy direct from the site. Our website offers lots of information on: our new water cooled  Air / Nitrox compressor systems, scuba and free diving lessons, ongoing manufacturers promotions, daily dive and snorkel trips, rental equipment, equipment servicing, live weather cams and up to the minute weather from the National Weather service. We also have our very own on-line travel agency  where you can book dive vacations, airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and any of your travel needs at rates that are equal or better than other major on-line travel companies.

Lauderdale Diver has an excellent reputation for customer service among our local and global clientele as well as our yacht customer base. Our staff is extremely experienced, well qualified, friendly, and enjoy talking about the sport of diving. Our three fulltime instructors Jose Negroni, Rob Davis and Henry Del Campo have all been diving for 20 years or more and are extremely passionate about the sport they love to teach. Pat Curtis the store manager has been serving some of the same customers for the past 20 years since her employment with Lauderdale Diver. She is excited about the growth of the business and the future ahead of us as we add a full line of Compressor Systems into the business.

 While Chrissy Beck manages the store, her husband Len, who is the captain aboard “Battered Bull” also enjoys fielding questions and sharing his knowledge to other captains whose itineraries are taking them through the Pacific and Asia. ”We’ve spent so much time diving with the Battered Bull all over the world I am happy to share information about logistical support, destinations not to miss and great dive areas.”

We invite everyone to come and see our new store and watch the endless dive videos produced on Battered Bull of all the great diving destinations the yacht has travelled to. We specialize in yacht outfitting and have package deals with very competitive prices.


Lauderdale Diver nitroxNitrox Solutions, Lauderdale Diver and Moondog Dive Outfitters combined resources in 2007 to promote to our yacht based clients a premier full service, one stop shop for all your underwater needs.

The three companies formed this strategic partnership to bring the “Water Cooled” Compressor technology to the yachting market and provide customers with safe, reliable, cost effective gas production systems, as well as providing service and support to the yacht market.

The Nitrox Solutions gas production systems are mounted in an open frame configuration to allow ease of serviceability to the systems components. At no additional cost we can construct the systems in a horizontal or vertical configuration. If a fully enclosed system is desired, a cabinet style configuration can be easily achieved at an additional cost to the vessel. Cosmetic features are simple upgrades. We will be glad to work with engineering to achieve whatever packaging is desired.

Our two man install team, consisting of Greg Mooney and Bob Olson, will plumb the components, complete the run up, and train the vessel’s personnel in the operation and servicing of the compressor system upon installation. Certification of the vessels crew in Nitrox Diving and Nitrox Blending can be achieved during the install period if desired. All certifications are internationally accredited and recognized.

All Nitrox Solutions compressor systems are constructed to be Lloyds compliant. Specific classification requirements can be made upon request.

Apart from our excellent customer service and vast knowledge and experience in this field our proven water cooled compressors bring the newest, most innovative technology to the yachting industry.

With our primary goal of making the water cooled compressor systems the standard in the marine industry, we have a booth at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in the Engineering tent , Booth # 410 where we will display our new water cooled compressors as well as other diving equipment new to the marketplace. We invite you to come and visit our booth where we will be able to answer any questions.


“Nitrox Bob” developed water cooled compressors specifically to address the heat issues he had seen on live aboard dive boats, resorts, dive shops and yachts over the past 11 years. These heat problems are amplified dramatically when Nitrox is introduced into the mix.

Water cooling a compressor is done for several reasons.

1.    Any oil lubricated compressor that is used to compress Nitrox should be water cooled to reduce the risks of fire and explosion.  
2.    Any compressor located in a poorly ventilated area should be water-cooled to remove excessive heat buildup.  
3.    Water cooled compressors run at a much lower operating temperature which extends the life of the compressor
4.    Water cooling improves the efficiency and extends the life of low and high pressure filtration systems.  
5.    Water cooled compressors can be installed in areas that may be unsuitable for an air cooled compressor.  
6.    Water cooled compressors can be packaged in smaller, self contained, custom cabinets utilizing less space and lower ventilation requirements.  

The water cooled compressor utilizes the ship’s chilled water system to cool the compressors indirectly through a flat plate heat exchanger and a closed loop cooling system.  This isolates the compressor cooling system from the ships cooling system insuring that any compressor problems cannot affect the ship’s cooling system. The flat plate heat exchanger is the “firewall” that isolates the central AC from the compressor(s).  The flat plate system adds additional components and cost to the system, but you gain confidence that a high pressure air leak cannot affect the ships cooling system.  


“Nitrox Bob” Olson, President of Nitrox Solutions, has 24 years experience designing and building custom membrane and compressor systems for industrial nitrogen applications, oxygen systems and Nitrox diving systems worldwide.  Bob received three patents for membrane and compressor systems which were licensed to Carrier Transicold, a division of United Technologies.
Bob worked with scientists in all of the major produce growing areas of the world to prove the reliability and effectiveness of his patented controlled atmosphere refrigerated shipping container. Bob also worked with the Carrier engineering staff to bring the system to full production at Carrier’s Singapore factory.  Thousands of these systems have been sold and can be found on refrigerated shipping containers worldwide.

Up to1995, when Nitrox was just starting to appear in the recreational dive market, Bob had been throwing the Nitrox away from each nitrogen system he built over the past 11 years.  In 1996, Nitrox Bob introduced the first of his Nitrox systems to the diving industry and set the standard for membrane systems of the future.  

He was the first to promote the use of the low pressure compressor feed air system and rotary screw compressors, which are now the industry standard.  Bob continues to be the innovator of state of the art designs in this field.  His water cooled, high pressure Nitrox compressor is currently the only water cooled Nitrox compressor available on the market today.

Bauer Compressor recognizes the major safety advantages of Bob’s water cooled system when compressing Nitrox.  Bauer will not endorse the use of their blocks for Nitrox unless it is water cooled and the only system approved by Bauer to date is Nitrox Bob’s. Bauer supplies Nitrox Solutions bare compressor blocks specifically to water cool for Nitrox applications.   

Nitrox Bob has installed over 250 Nitrox systems worldwide, including:

Recreational dive systems including:
•    The Aggressor live aboard dive fleet
•    Peter Hughes live aboard dive fleet
•    Live aboard dive boats worldwide
•    Many of the best dive resorts worldwide
•    Dive shops  

University dive systems worldwide including:
•    University of North Carolina (3 systems)
•    Florida State University
•    Scripps/National Geographic research project on a live aboard charter
•    Texas A&M Institute of Oceanography
•    Texas A&M Institute of Nautical Archeology (Turkey)
•    Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Government agencies including:
•    NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration).
•    NURC (National Undersea Research Center)
•    US Geological Survey

Commercial diving systems including:
•    Offshore oil
•    Seafood harvest industry
•    Casino underwater theatrical shows

Private yacht diving systems including:
•    Air systems
•    Nitrox systems
•    Oxygen systems
•    Custom designs and installations to suit any need
•    Original membrane system supplier to Brownies Third Lung
•    Original membrane system supplier to Nautilus Underwater Systems
A specialist in custom design for individual customer need, Nitrox Bob’s systems are known throughout the industry for quality, safety and reliability.

Bob Hollis (President and Founder of Oceanic) and Bob Radkey (CFO) of Oceanic are also partners in Nitrox Solutions. They bring ISO 9002 manufacturing capabilities and a worldwide distribution network to make the water cooled Nitrox compressors the standard in the industry worldwide.

“Nitrox Bob” Olson
Nitrox Solutions, Inc
2002 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577


Greg Mooney, of Moondog Dive Outfitters has spent 28 years in the yacht/dive industries, including 12 years as a high pressure life support system designer and mixed gas blending technician. With his vast experience and expertise he has outfitted compressor dive systems on some of the largest yachts in the world.

Greg’s expertise carries over to scuba equipment, re-breather gear, fill stations, oxygen fill systems, recompression chambers, submersibles, and ROV’s on yachts of all sizes. He is an Instructor in all levels of recreational and technical diving and is a specialist in hyperbaric logistics and operations.

Greg is also a founding member of the Oceanic Preservation Society.  OPS’s goal is to observe the beauty and destruction of the oceans while attempting to motivate change through media. Greg’s roles also include purchasing, organizing, maintaining the dive gear and safety logistics during expeditions. During some of the more adventurous expeditions, Greg's advanced knowledge of diving is crucial in planning. A keen underwater videographer, 'Moondog' as he is commonly known, is always helpful in exploring new camera techniques with the director and helping the cameramen master the techniques necessary to create more interesting footage.

Greg was instrumental in bringing Nitrox Solutions, Lauderdale Diver and Moondog Dive Outfitters together. Our goal is to provide our customer base with the best personnel and service in the industry, at a competitive price.

Greg “Moondog” Mooney
757 SE 17th Street
PMB #958
Ft Lauderdale FL 33316


Lauderdale Diver is a premier full service dive shop located on 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale and is conveniently located near the many shipyards, marinas and other marine vendors. We offer all levels of diver training and a comprehensive range of diving equipment and service support. Lauderdale Diver has been servicing the yachting community both locally and globally since 1978 and has a reputation of trust and reliability.

Lauderdale Diver is a PADI 5 Star Certification Agency, the most respected and sought after diver training organization in the world. Whether a beginner or advanced diver, we offer local daily dive and snorkeling trips customized to your certification and comfort level to a variety of the ocean’s most treasured sites. If you seek adventure and travel, Lauderdale Diver can advise and organize your trip to any worldwide diving destination.

 Lauderdale Diver is the premier yacht outfitting specialist for scuba and snorkeling equipment
and a distributor for “Nitrox Solutions” Air / Nitrox compressor systems.  Lauderdale Diver’s Owners, Len and Chrissy Beck, have been working in the yachting industry for over 23 years.
Len has worked for the Owners of the Feadship, Battered Bull for over ten years and during that time they have been diving throughout the world.  They also own another smaller vessel, Bullish, that travels between French Polynesia and Australia dedicated to remote diving throughout the region.

Our services offered include:
•    Custom Design and Installation of High Pressure Compressors for Air and Nitrox
•    Compressor Servicing
•    Scuba Equipment Repairs and Servicing
•    Scuba Equipment Sales
•    Yacht Outfitting Specialists
•    Scuba Instruction – Padi 5 Star Facility
•    EFR / AED Training
•    Decompression Chamber Training
•    Air/ Nitrox Fills
•    Daily Dive Trips
•    Resort Wear, Swimwear, Custom Rash Guards
•    Full On- Line Store

Customers can contact any company and ensure you have sales, service and support for all your underwater needs including: Air and Nitrox compressor systems, recompression chambers, rebreathers, mini-submarines and scuba equipment.

The isolated system concept provides the ship’s Engineer or Dive Officer with the confidence that the dive compressor will run reliably and efficiently without impacting the other aspects of the ship’s operation.  

A recent installation of a water cooled compressor on a private yacht was done because a heat problem. The compressor was in the Bosun’s locker and on a hot day the temperature would reach 55 Centigrade in the locker compartment. After only 108 hours, the valves on the HP compressor were destroyed. After the HP compressor was replaced with the water cooled HP Compressor the Bosun’s locker remained at ambient temperature with both the HP and LP Nitrox Compressors operating. With the chilled water circulating through the heads and inter coolers, there was virtually no heat coming off the HP compressor. “At 4500 psig you can hold your hand on the HP compressor head and discharge tubing”.  The higher density of water makes it a far better medium for cooling any compressor instead of air cooling.

Water cooling is the most innovative and safest technology for compressor systems in the marketplace today. Nitrox Solutions has successfully developed and constructed this technology and has combined a strategic partnership with Lauderdale Diver and Moondog Dive Outfitters to market these systems to the yachting industry.