Special Events

Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM - Seminars lasts 90 minutes

Navegante TV’s Fishing Team will be at the show on Saturday and Sunday for two days of fishing clinics for children and adults who want to participate. In addition, Navegante will be filming for their TV program and there will be prize giveaways

In alliance with MARVIVA Foundation (NGOs), who is responsible for awareness of the care for the oceans, there will be an  interactive fishing clinic divided into two sections, one of sport fishing and seconds of seas care.

Fishing Deportica / TV Navigator
1. Clinic Fishing Knots (experts to teach knot tying)
2  Handling and fishing equipment recommendations
3. Seasons in Panama fishing and where to take kids fishing in the summer.
4. Entertaining Fishing videos 

Conversation with Marviva
1. Semaphore Guía Responsible Consumption
2. Giving of gifts and souvenirs for participants
3. show videos about the oceans